MBA And Its Specializations

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Masters in business administration is one of the most renowned postgraduate programs. This program provides an overview of how a business administration works as well as its management. MBA is a program that covers various areas such as finance management, organizational management, business strategies, supply chain management, etc
Masters in business administration provides different types of programs to select from

  1. A full-time MBA program usually takes 2 years. it provides a complete professional knowledge
  2. An executive MBA program also known as EMBA is generally 1-year program. this type of program is generally done by those who are already in the workforce and have a work experience of 5 years and now want to enhance their learning
  3. A part-time MBA program usually takes around 2 years as classes are held either on weekends or after the normal working hours
  4. A Distance learning MBA program provides students the liberty to take classes online from anywhere in the world.

Specializations in MBA

1Mba in Marketing Management-This specialization provides knowledge about various areas such as marketing channels, service marketing, digital marketing, consumer behavior, product and brand management, etc All these helps in increasing the revenue of the organization.

Career Opportunities after MBA in Marketing Management
1.1 Brand Manager
1.2 Marketing Manager
1.3 Digital Marketing Manager
1.4 Sales Manager
1.5 Marketing Consultant and more..

2 MBA in Finance
Everything is concerned with accounting and financial management in an organization. It is best to program to select those students who are good with numbers and are interested in gaining financial knowledge and have the ability to deal with large data sets. MBA in Finance Management teaches various subjects such as cost of capital, financial management, etc

Career Opportunities after MBA in Finance
2.1 Investment Banker
2.2 Portfolio Manager
2.3 Securities Traders
2.4 Financial Manager
2.5 Financial Planner and more..

3 MBA in Operations
MBA in Operations offers an overview of the industry and makes you ready for looking at the company’s operation. IT covers a variety of topics Planning, Production, providing service, supervising, etc. Mba in Operations is delivery focused and skills like organizational and analytical are required.

Career Opportunities after MBA in Operations
3.1 Business in Operations Management
3.2 Purchasing Management
3.3 Material Management
3.4 Operations Research and more..

4 MBA in Human Resource Management
MBA in Human Resource Management also known as MBA in HR, Focuses on basic topics such as Human Resource Planning, Recruitment Management, Performance Appraisal, etc Program focuses on the development of HR Professional

Career Opportunities after MBA in Human Resource Management
4.1 Training Manager
4.2 Human Resource Manager
4.3 Human Resource Assistant
4.4 Training coordinator and more

5 MBA in Business Analytics
A post-graduate program that prepares students for solving critical data problems in business. It provides in-depth knowledge on modeling business with various tools and techniques. It helps in developing skills that are required to make the right decision and analyze large data sets, etc.
Career Opportunities after MBA in Business Analytics
5.1 IT Business Analyst
5.2 Data Analytics Scientist
5.3 Business Analyst Manager
5.4 Quantitative Analyst and more..

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